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Aikido is a non-combative martial art that was developed in the first half of the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba (known as O-Sensei). Ueshiba was a skilled martial artist and a deeply spiritual man. Realising that the greatest enemy is the enemy within Ueshiba ‘retired’ to Iwama during the second world war to farm and to dedicate himself to perfecting a martial art that would achieve a peaceful resolution of conflict. The martial art that he developed was Aikido: The Art of Peace. In Iwama Ueshiba formulated the concept of takemusu aikido ‘the inexhaustable font of aikido techniques’.


In the early 90’s my sister, a dan grade in karate, recommended that I take up the art. At the time I was frequently working away from home and so I was unable to commit to regular training. Then in 1994 I found myself working closer to home which gave me the opportunity to begin practising a martial art. Of the various martial arts available locally it was Aikido that appealed to me the most. And so it was that my wife Anne and I started to train in Aikido with Poole Aikido Club under Sensei Paul McGlone (now 6th Dan). Very soon we were training with Poole Aikido Club 5 times a week and regularly attending seminars around the country with top Iwama style teachers from the UK and abroad.

The Chief Instructor of Traditional Aikido Iwama Ryu (the forerunner of TIAE), Sensei Tony Sargeant, had a dojo at his then home in Orwell, Cambridgeshire. Anne and I took every opportunity that arose to train with Sensei Sargeant on seminars and uchideshi programmes held at the Orwell dojo. Sensei was also teaching tai chi and yoga at this time. He started each morning of the uchideshi programmes with a yogasana session and so it was that we were introduced to yoga. Thinking that yoga would help our aikido we both found a yoga class to attend when we returned home. Anne stopped aikido training in 1997, having reached 2nd kyu, to concentrate on yoga. She completed the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Course and now teaches yoga. I continued with yoga to support my aikido training and eventually I too completed the BWY Diploma Course. I teach yoga in Poole, Moreton, Furzebrook and Corfe Mullen.

After a few years working in Poole I periodically found myself working away from home once again. Wherever I was

Wellspring Aikido Instructor

working, I found a local club where I could continue to train, training with Sensei McGlone at Poole Aikido Club whenever I was at home. I was awarded my second dan (nidan) in April 2007.

Having experienced the deepening of understanding that came through teaching yoga I felt that to progress my aikido I needed to teach it. In 2009 I attained the British Aikido Board (B.A.B.) Coach Level 1 certification and in 2010 Wellsprings Aikido was created.

During 2013 and 2014 I attended seminars with LEWIS BERNALDO DE QUIROS Sensei, 6th Dan Aikikai who was an uchideshi with Saito Sensei in Iwama for 7 years from 1986 – 1993. I was inspired by his teaching and I resonated with the Takemusu Aikido that he practises. In the summer of 2014 Lewis Sensei accepted me as a student.

Mark Sensei is assisted on the tatami by senpai (senior students) Nigel Hymas, 2nd dan, Elisa Barcellos, 1st Dan, and Steve Searle, 1st Dan. Nigel, Elisa and Steve all hold B.A.B. teaching certificates.

Training every Friday evening ~ 20.00 ~ 21.00


Contact Telephone Mark Allcock Sensei on 01929 405868