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Reading testimonials is one of the best ways to research whether a Martial Arts school is right for you. They provide you with real feedback from real people and help to show you that you’re in the right place! Have a look at some of the great things people have to say about Poole Martial Art Centre.

“Very skillful and inspiring instructors in all round martial art and sports training methods. Inspiring in discipline, positive behavior and leading by example. More than simply martial arts alone.”

Simon Y

“I would like to say thank to all the wonderful instructors and Sensei Walker for being there for us all.”

Gary E

“Thank you ever so much for helping me in my class and many thanks for everybody making my confidence go to the top and again thank you very much”

Nathan & Kevin

The MAFC is a brilliant place to meet new friends and learn which has greatly improved my self-confidence and is an extremely fun way to exercise; my general fitness has improved a lot from when I first started! It is a wonderful opportunity and learn the art in a happy and relaxed environment.”

George P

Getting up every Saturday morning has never been easier than when I go training at the ladies class, fantastic fun with great people who care.

Mandy D