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Our mission and statement of purpose can be read in full on the front page of our website . However , in brief ….. we promote Tae Kwon Do for all ages and abilities .

British Taekwondo South was founded by Master Joe Brown (5th Dan) around 1981 and from then on the club has expanded to become one of the best known Taekwondo Clubs in Great Britain today for producing Champion Fighter Athletes at all levels National and International`.for many years`.
Foe example, Master Brown’s son Gareth was ( many times GB National Champion)and won countless International medals for Great Britain as well as most of Joe’s student athletes .
Joe was the BTF National Team Coach 1985-1994, BTCB Principal National Team Coach from 1994-2002,Regional National Team Coach 2002-2006 and the Great Britain Combined Armed Forces Taekwondo Coach 2005-2008 .

The club still offers regular training for all standards you can check the class schedule on the website at

Training every Wednesday from 19.30 ~ 21.00