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What Is Karate?

Karate is a defensive martial art of which comes from the Okinawa Islands.  It was developed due to the pressures of influence of China and the annexation by Japan.  It is predominantly a striking style however grappling, joint locks and takedowns are also taught.

Who the instructors are

Simon Young – 3rd Dan – Instructor fight your 40’s

Mark Lewis -1st Dan – Instructor Karate Kidz

Derek Clarke – 1st Dan – Instructor Poole Karate Club

Adam Young – 1st Dan – Instructor FukutsuNo Karate Club

Terri Clark – 4th Kyu – Assistant Instructor Karate Kidz

Class Times


Fight your 40’s 7pm – 8pm (Haymoor Leisure Centre)


Karate Kidz- 5pm – 6pm

Fight Your 40’s / Poole Karate Club – 6pm – 7pm


Fight your 40’s Self defence – 8am – 10am

FukutsuNo Karate – 10am – 11am

We also do additional sessions and gradings, these sessions will be added shortly.

What we teach

We practice Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu, which is a form of Shito-ryu originally developed by Kenwa Mabuni and furthered by Tero Hayashi.

To simplify we work on three area of training, Kion (Basics), Kata (Pre-determined sequence of movements) and Kumite (practice sparring).

The style itself is a mixture between hard and soft, so moves can range between a punch, kicks or open handed strikes.

All classes are a friendly environment as we all understand that everyone has to start somewhere.

All of us endeavours to provide each student with the time and tuition that they need to be successful at Karate.

Any queries please email or phone 07432633749