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The Fitness & Self Defence class is part of Mafc Karate and is open to anyone over the age of 14.

Each session is different, with a focus on both overall fitness and self defence techniques. This self defence style class differs from martial arts in that you will walk out of each lesson with techniques that you can use instantly. They do not need weeks, months or even years to perfect before they are effective. From time to time we will discuss avoidance techniques and explain how the body reacts in stressful situations and importantly how to recognise this and deal with it.

This friendly and fun class has three lead instructors who are there to help and guide you in a safe environment. Adam, Jason and Simon are all experienced in Martial Arts, Adam and Simon in Karate and Jason in Ju-Jitsu. In addition to this Adam is a qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor and is also a BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Coach. Jason Is a Level 4 Fitness Instructor with additional specialisms including kettlebell training, Jason combines these with being a Sports Massage Therapist . Simon is a Level 4 Fitness Instructor and holds the BTEC Level 3 Self Defence coaching certificate.

The class runs on Sunday mornings 9-10am  with a two hour session every two months. £5 per session. Come along and say hi .